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DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport medium that provides wireless service within a geographic area or structure. DAS may be placed inside buildings for increasing wireless signals within buildings. Often they are placed within large structures such as stadiums or corporate headquarters.

CommsCon always aims to provide coverage and capacity of services to wireless operators, both with facilities dedicated to a single carrier but also in a “neutral host“ mode with multistandard and multioperator that can use a single antenna for multiple standards and multiple operators simultaneously. All with a general approval from the Ministry of Communications.

Distributed Antenna Services, make a provision of an infrastructure that enables operators to optimize and/or strengthen its network in particular places remotizing the radio received in their technical areas and/or taken in air, to cover the agreed places.

The activities that are performed by CommsCon and allowing it to deliver the service in particular situations, can be provided individually and they are:

  • Project financing
  • Site acquisition & permittings
  • RF engineering
  • Hardware purchase
  • System installation & commissioning
  • Right of use to Operators
  • Supervision & Maintenance

CommsCon directly manages about 1,500 active devices between nodes and repeaters. All the units are monitored 24 hours a day by our NOC (Network Operation System).

CommsCon guarantees customers the availability of the service with the highest standards on the market.

During the course of the last edition of the EY Capri Digital Summit, an event organized by Ernst & Young Italia, held in Capri from 4 to 6 October 2017, the Engineer Piercarlo Giannattasio, CEO of CommsCon and Director of DAS-Small Cells Business Unit Cellnex Europe released an interview with AGI.
Technological innovation of multi-operator systems in the field of mobile communications, hoped for broadband diffusion, progress achieved in Italy, virtuous examples exported throughout Europe among the topics touched during the interview.

The Advantage of Being Part of a Large Group.


The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Telecommunications infrastructures, Indoor Coverage and Special projects, Smart Cities, DAS and Small Cells, IoT and Security are the market areas to which the CellNex group can respond in Italy thanks to the excellence of its three local companies.


CommsCon Italia

CommsCon provides coverage and capacity services for mobile communications with special multi-operator projects using DAS and Small Cells.

DAS and Small Cells

CommsCon has installed more than 1,500 DAS nodes, with an average of 3 MNOs per site, in places such as stadiums, airports, skyscrapers, hospitals, subways, etc.


The infrastructure and functions pertaining to 7,377 transmission towers and related contracts managed by Galata stretches uniformly over the whole of Italy.

The Towers

Galata represents a high strategic value for mobile telephony and for the development and deployment of broadband services based on ultra-fast 4G technology.


TowerCo has a total of 331 sites including many operators providing network coverage inside tunnels, along the motorways and on provincial, regional and state roads.

Road connections

TowerCo also has other “Tower” sites either planned or under construction (about 35), with an average co-location factor of nearly 2.39 operators per site.

Why do you need CommsCon?

CommsCon acts as a neutral operator to help operator and sit owners/managers to find the optimal solution in the face of the increasing need for coverage and capacity in complex environments. We can manages site acquisition, design, installation, set-up, operation and maintenance, supervision and quality control of the service. 

Connectivity for mobile Operators

How can good mobile connectivity be ensured in crowded and difficult-to-reach places, such as stadiums and arenas, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, subways and hotels? CommsCon satisfies the requirements of mobile phone users who are demanding coverage anywhere, any time, using DAS and Small Cells.

Attractive for owner of venues 

With around 80% of mobile traffic originating or terminating indoors, it is critical that visitors, residents and workers have access to a reliable connectivity. Reliable mobile connectivity is known to increase venue desirability and so fitting your buildings with optimal in-building cellular coverage and capability is the right solution.