Metro Milano Lines M1, M2, M3

//Metro Milano Lines M1, M2, M3
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Project Description

The critical issues detected regarding the metropolitan Subway system are related to the nature of the infrastructure system. The metropolitan system is for the most part built below the road level. This particular conformation creates an impassable limit for the irradiation of the cellular system, making it impossible to use the service in the various metropolitan stations and during the journeys of the metropolitan Subway trains.

The intervention of CommsCon is aimed at solving this problem, through the implementation of a DAS system, consisting of the installation of many antennas and active devices positioned on each floor of the buildings. In the case of the Milan Metropolitan Subway System Lines M1, M2 and M3, the active signal amplification equipment is located in the technical rooms, near the station of the infrastructural system, while the active repeater systems and the signal (antennas) are placed in the tunnels and on the docks of the various stations, with the least aesthetic impact.


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Metro Milano Lines M1, M2, M3


Milan (Italy)


2007 onwards