Microcells in Milan Old Town

//Microcells in Milan Old Town
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Project Description

The urban layout of a city, with the high concentration of buildings of various kinds and genres, causes an uneven distribution of the cellular signal emitted by the macros spread over the territory. In the different areas of the city, situations may occur where the signal is too weak to guarantee the service or there are areas where there is a high concentration of devices that use the cellular system, thus saturating the capacity offered by the macros.

In the case concerning the area of the municipality of Milan, the intervention of CommsCon is aimed at ensuring a homogeneous coverage of the entire urban area, expanding the capacity of the service, in the areas of the greatest concentration of the cellular service request. Through the capillary distribution of repetition points, consisting of an active signal amplification apparatus and passive irradiation elements (antennas).


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Microcells in Milan Old Town


Milan (Italy)


2004 onwards