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Project Description

The architectural and functional conformation of the Airport type, generates an inhomogeneity in the propagation of the cellular signal coming from the macros. This factor means that inside the building there may be areas in which the power of the signal coming from the outside is not sufficient to guarantee the proper functioning of the cellular service. Another problem concerning this building category is related to the high concentration of users that creates critical issues in the capacity of the macros existing in the surrounding territory.

The intervention of CommsCon at Malpensa Airport is aimed at solving this problem, through the implementation of a DAS system, consisting of the installation of many antennas and active equipment. In the case of Milan Malpensa airport, the modulation and amplification equipment of the signal are located in the technical rooms of the building and connected to the repeating units of the signal (antennas), positioned in a capillary manner in the following areas:
– Arrivals
– Departures
– Basement
– Offices and Restaurants
– Registration


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Malpensa Airport


Milan (Italy)