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We are available to answer all your needs regarding the functionality of the installed systems.


Our remote control systems active 24 hours a day allow us to act promptly in case of disruption.

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Our staff of qualified experience is ready to intervene for problems with the functioning of the equipment.


Depending on the warranty conditions we will repair or replace the malfunctioning equipment.

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Realization of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) and Small Cells type coverage systems, able to offer solutions for every coverage requirement to mobile operators in high traffic areas such as airports, urban areas, large offices, skyscrapers, hospitals, shopping centers, stadiums, railway and underground stations, indoor and outdoor.

Legal and Main Office: Piazzale Carlo Maciachini, 9 – 20159 Milano
Phone: +39 02690 100 26 +39 02367 047 88
Fax: +39 02688 41 96