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Project Description

The challenge with this venue was due to the large crowd that can gathered during sports and concert events. The high number of mobile devices trying to connect to the MNO’s network congest the nearby Macros, making it extremely difficult to have data connectivity or even phone calls.

In order address this challenge CommsCon designed and installed a specific DAS system, made up of many active devices (remote units) connected to antennas, implementing radiating points.
The design of Olympic Stadium system, consists of two different parts:
– Interior spaces of the stadium
– Indoor areas (press area, locker room)

The difference between these two parts is the type of antennas in use. In the interior spaces of the stadium, panel typology antennas are used . Panels are ideal for extended space because its gain is greater compared to other antenna types. In the indoor areas omnidirectional antennas are used, which are ideal for limited spaces like interiors.

The CommsCon’s service further to design and implementation of the system provides also installation’s permitting. CommsCon deals with the authorities in case the area is subject to environmentally protective restrictions, for example, airports, historically. Hence, CommsCon guarantees the interface with the authority for installation permits and provides the release procedure, in cases with monumental, landscape or airport limitations.

In order to guarantee the maximal system efficiency, CommsCon also provides:
– Commissioning and delivery: the configuration and activation of the system.
– Supervision and maintenance: remote control of the system for its optimization, alarm handling for maintenance and in case of failure, a maintenance team is sent to solve the issue.


Project Details



Olimpico Stadium


Rome (Italy)


2011 - 2017