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Project Description

Sometimes a City’s architectural configuration, for example in historic city centers, does not allow adequate macro site signal propagation. Due to this, in many quarters, the signal can be too weak to guarantee the MNO’s service. Another challenge, which affects the cities, is due to the large crowd gathering in particular districts. The high number of mobile devices trying to connect to the MNO’s network congest the nearby Macros, making it extremely difficult to have data connectivity or even phone calls.

In the city of Milan, CommsCon has designed and installed a network of over 200 microcells, constantly growing to address the city’s requirements. Microcells have a different configuration compared to indoor DAS systems. While the indoor system is composed by few active devices (remote units) connected to antennas, the microcells configuration consists of one or two active devices (depending on SISO or MIMO solution), for each radiant point (light poles or traffic light), which communicate with a restricted number of antennas (usually between one and four elements). The purpose of this configuration is to create a network on the area, guaranteeing capillarity of urban signal coverage. The most common installation locations are either street light poles or tram poles.

The services of CommsCon include not only the design and construction of the plant, but also the relative permits and authorizations required by law. CommsCon deals directly with authorizations in the event that the area is subject to environmental, landscape or monumental restrictions. CommsCon guarantees the interface with all the authorities and bodies involved.

In order to guarantee the maximal system efficiency, CommsCon also provides:
– Commissioning and delivery: the configuration and activation of the system.
– Supervision and maintenance: remote control of the system for its optimization, alarm handling for maintenance and in case of failure, a maintenance team is sent to solve the issue.


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