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Project Description

Skyscrapers face challenges in terms of coverage due to their considerable vertical extension. Highest floors of these constructions are more exposed to macros, which interfere each other, causing drop of signal quality.

In the Unicredit Tower, CommsCon designed and installed a specific DAS system, consisting of many active devices (remote units) connected to antennas, implementing radiating points. The vertical extension of the building determines the division of the system into many branches, to avoid an excessive signal dispersion, due to lengthy coaxial cables. Each branch has one or two active devices (depending on the system solution deployed), which transmit modulated and amplified signals to the radiating points (antennas).

The services of CommsCon include not only the design and construction of the plant, but also the relative permits and authorizations required by law. CommsCon deals directly with authorizations in the event that the area is subject to environmental, landscape or monumental restrictions. CommsCon guarantees the interface with all the authorities and bodies involved.

In order to guarantee the maximal system efficiency, CommsCon also provides:
– Commissioning and delivery: the configuration and activation of the system.
– Supervision and maintenance: remote control of the system for its optimization, alarm handling for maintenance and in case of failure, a maintenance team is sent to solve the issue.

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Unicredit Tower


Milan (Italy)